​To everyone who has participated in this effort: THANK YOU for signing the petition, putting up yard signs, emailing the City, showing up and speaking at the City Council meetings! Together, all of our hard work in the past year helped stop the City from choosing a large, corporate hotel for the vacant lot at Bonita and Cataract!



  • 2018: San Dimas has exclusive agreement with developer to build a large, 4-story Fairfield Inn at Bonita/Cataract lot

  • Fall/Winter 2018: Hundreds of residents join No Big Hotel effort, put up yard signs, email City Council, and sign petition

  • February-March 2019: City Council hires Consultant to explore other viable business options for the vacant lot, particularly restaurant and food uses, in lieu of or in addition to a hotel

  • September 2019: With Consultant's help, City receives several new proposals and interviews 3 finalists

  • December 10, 2019: City Council decides to move forward with the Pioneer Square proposal, instead of the Fairfield Inn!

We believe a development that positively impacts those who live in the immediate area, benefits all city residents, and enriches our historic downtown is possible.


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December 2019, Isabel in San Dimas Podcast

"Pioneer Square"

November 2019, Isabel in San Dimas Podcast

"No Big Hotel in Our Small Town"

February 2019, Daily Bulletin

"What will it take to bring restaurants to this part of San Dimas?"

January 2019, Spectrum News 1

"San Dimas couple launches sign campaign against hotel development proposal"

December 2018, Daily Bulletin

"San Dimas couple start campaign opposing proposed four-story hotel"

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